For everyone, his shirt.

Every single stitch of a shirt by LDC is made by skilful hands of persons guardians of a long, consolidated craftsmanlike tradition. This explains why behind each shirt produced by LDC there is a meticolous care, accurateness, dedication and competence.
Every single production step represents a delicate phase and, at the same time, necessary to bring to the final result: a perfect, unique, sartorial manufacture.

Yet, being able to produce an excellent sartorial shirt is not enough as even most importanti s the ability of adapting every shirt to the physical features, style and specific requests of the customer who in the end will wear this unique manufacture. Each shirt is a synthesis of a lot of things and untold stories and sometimes  some unvisible imperfections can make the shirt even more special. To use a methaphor we would like to imagine a shirt like a white lenght of cloth on which everyone can leave his special and indelible mark.

The basic steps to get a customized shirts are the following:

Measurements taking

This operation can be made taking the measurements directly on the client or by measuring one of his shirt.

Selection of fabrics and accessories

The great variety of fabrics from high-counted yarn articles to the refined Australian buttons gives the customer a wide selection to customize his shirt should he decide for a formal or a more casual look so to feel free to express his personality.


A shirt can be customized not only by the fabrics and accessories selection or the best suited fit or line standard or top, but also by the choice of the collar and cuffs styles, closed points or spread for collars, single cuff or double cuff for a more formal shirt. Last but not least, having their initials or monograms embroidered by hand or by machine on one’s personal shirt with the possibility to select among different styles and a wide variety of colours makes your shirt a way to define your personality.


Do you think to know everything about shirts?
To be able to recognize a good quality shirt is essential to get to find the perfect shirt and, if so details are really important.
Find all you need to know about collars and cuffs.

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