A classic,
timeless taste.

Our permanent and seasonal collections tell about our style and all our collection lines are created to satisfy the requests of a more demanding client therefore the quality of the fabrics and the manufacture is the most important combination to attain this goal.
Scrolling through our website, it is possible to find all information with regard to our pemanent and seasonal collections, our made-to-measure program and capsule collections and more details about every single product we realize in the shirting fabrics from any styled shirts, pjyamas to boxers and pochette and more but all retaining two basic elements: the quality of the fabric and the manufacture. LDC style team is the driving force behind every shirt. Every single fabric is selected and matched to the right model with the utmost care and taste. Every single LDC shirt has some easily recognizable distinguishing traits and these are the last buttonhole sewn horizontally and the gaunlet button. The stichings of collar and cuffs can also vary and be realized at 1, 3, 5 or 7 millimetres or even more spaced.


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