The thread
of innovation
goes through
the eye
of tradition

When craftsmanship meets technology, the care for details aims at perfection and the search for style is an ultimate sign of elegance, then the result can but be a made-to-made shirt by Laboratorio del Carmine. All shirts made by Laboratorio del Carmine are linked by a sole thread: the passion for tradition and the strong inclination for innovation.


Passion for shirts

Beyond a man and a woman’s collection, LDC also produces colourful pjyamas in different fabrics and  kids’shirts. These products, realized into both the permanent and seasonal fabrics collections, thanks for their style and craftsmanship quality, uniquely express the spirit of every time. The permanent or stock service collection offers a wide range of classic fabrics, timeless and perfefct for any occasion. Twice a year then LDC shows its prêt-à-porter collection including shirts realized in the seasonal fabrics and in models ad hoc styled to better interpret in a contemporary way the creative trends with a special refined eye for the made-to-made product as well.


Details are the key to appreciate a made-to-measure shirt.

A visit to LDC showroom in Bergamo will offer you the chance to choose over 450 fabric references and a limitless range of details and refiniments such us contrast fabric for the inside collar and cuff band, different colours for the buttons stitchings and the monograms. At the end, the special and unique pleasure to wear a shirt which is perfect on you.


Do you think to know everything about shirts?
To be able to recognize a good quality shirt is essential to get to find the perfect shirt and, if  so details are really important.
Find all you need to know about collars and cuffs.

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