Excellent manufacture and craftsmanlike tradition for a unique made-in-Italy product

Since 1969, the company’s registration year, LDC has made of craftmanlike manufacture of the made-to-measure product its unique trademark.


Technology and passion woven
in a unique weft.

LDC has consistently invested in a continuous technological innovation as the only way not only to be in the forefront scenario, but also competitive in the local and international market and this especially thanks for the perfect synergy between innovation and tradition. The automated cutting machine investment for processing all large-sized shirt orders and, on the other hand, the made-to-measure shirts still cut by hand is the perfect example of this continuum between innovation and tradition. Today the company employs over 50 staff persons and shows every season a man and a woman collection branded LDC beyond producing collections for other private label clients, both Italian and foreign brands. In addition to that, LDC core business is more and more the production of made-to-measure shirts for man, women and kids now including customized pyjamas and boxers as well.


A sartorialist way between arts and crafts.

Training is a key aspect for a company and along the years LDC has organized school stages over its production, sales and admistration departments so to give  the studens the chance to make an experience in a real working context where to find  a practical feedback to all notions learnt at the different vocational schools they attend.
In particular, since year 2011 LDC has been directly involved into the organization of  a vocational fashion school forming professional workers to be then hired in production contexts. This is a three-year academic traning exploring all aspects of the production of a manufacture from the pattern creation through the cutting, assembling process to the packaging and shipment of the final product.
Thanks to the new schooling rules, students can now choose to follow a special training alternating lessons at school and stages at work for the whole duration of their third academic year. Useless to say that this is unique opportunity offered to them  to practice their knowledge in a real working context.
Stages are not only offered to students but also to LDC’s personnel and just recently a full training to improve the quality level of  hand-made refinements was completely sponsored by region Lombardia as one of the activities included into a wider project conceived and finalized to protect and promote all high professional content manufactures.


Excellent manufacture, perfectionism and craftsman tradition – in a word Made-in-Italy.

All shirts made by Laboratorio del Carmine are linked by a sole thread: the passion for tradition and the strong inclination for innovation.


Italian taste and quality have always been synonim of class and elegance. LDC has always been the ambassador of the Made-in -Italy tradition all over the world being all the collections produced in a refined, unconventional style.

The capability to always find and implement advanced technology solutions is not only the expression of flexibility but, most of all, the effort to always meet the market’s requests and expectations. Definitely for LDC, the investment in advanced technology is the expression of the ability to evolve rapidly and efficiently.

Every single shirt has to be the expression of elegance and uniqueness and this is the final objective pursued by LDC being able to produce a product where each single step, from the beginning to the end, is ruled by an industrial process but still following a craftsmanlike tradition.

Il pregio dei tessuti si integra con il gusto sartoriale, la manualità si coniuga con la tecnologia, la personalizzazione si combina con la cura dei dettagli: nascono così camicie uniche e raffinate, trionfo di un’artigianalità tutta italiana.


Laboratorio del Carmine has developped a synergic cooperation with some brands having in common the same background being manufacturers of sartorial suits and leather bags and accessories all produced in Italy. Together with these brands LDC has opened a showroom in Corso Monforte in Milan exclusively dedicated to a made-to-measure man total look. Other two showrooms are located in Bergamo and over LDC’s production site.