Wearing a shirt in high quality organic cotton is another way to respect our environment

June 9, 2019

LDC’s philosophy has alwasy been to be abreast of the times and meet the requests coming from both the clients and the suppliers. The choice to include in LDC classic collection fabrics realized in organic cotton of the highest quality has been quite recent even though this request was more strong abroad than in Italy where the demand for shirts made in organic cotton has been relatively recent.

Only natural fibres (with more emphasis currently on cotton) are used as the raw materials. These fibres are grown in compliance with stringent ecological guidelines. All the production stages respect controlled and binding ecological standards and every production company involved in the manufacture of these textiles, from yarn production via weaving to finishing, is certified compliant with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This means that all companies producing 100% organic, sustainable fabric as in all production steps the production of CO2 emissions is reduced to the to an absolute minimum.